Friday, August 8, 2014

Egressions #168-169

168. LIFE-CHANGING crackers. Via My New Roots.
169. HELLO. Via Food52.

So I've been figuring something out about myself, there are things that I'm SUPER attracted to, like LIFE-CHANGING crackers, no seriously, those crackers look really really good, or basically every cocktail that I pin, but maybe particularly anything made with watermelon. I'm so attracted to them, but. The moment of truth when I'm facing down a bag of sunflower and pumpkin seeds is never going to find me dragging down the baking pan, and always going to find me eating the seeds out of the bag, and the same with watermelon. Almost always with the watermelon. Not saying that it's wrong to provide yourself with new taste sensations, not at all. Just that for me watermelon is good the way it is, and less work, and kind of better for you without tequila, that's where I always end up and I'm wondering, is this how it works? Like a whole class of things that I like to think about, that I experience through just thinking about them? That's a thing, right? I think it's a thing.