Saturday, August 16, 2014

Late Summer Saturday Cooking Practice

So now Saturday goes sort of like Sunday and Tuesday, the waking up and words and all that, and all I have to scramble some eggs and grab a melon jar out of the fridge.

scrambled eggs and avocado, tomato, and honeydew salsa

I was feeling fancy and made avocado tomato salsa with honeydew melon and jalapeno pepper. Just lightly dressed with key lime juice and salt.

Then I clean, whatever needs doing most. I have a huge list, but I hardly ever get to the list because now der schweetie is mannying three days a week so, hold the phone, I have been helping with the laundry. I am in charge of sheets and towels. How is there so much laundry, I don't know; but there is. He has been doing it single-handedly for six years, I really must get him a fruit basket.

This has put paid to my peaceful Saturday morning stretch and roll, but I don't mind. Cleaning is active; you get that, right? It's actually kind of sweaty, even. Because of the sweatiness, the best thing in the world after cleaning is to take a shower and then I mix up a fresh batch of koldskal, which goes like this:

  1. Whisk two eggs yolks with two tablespoons of sugar and a tablespoon of vanilla in a pitcher.
  2. Whisk in two cups of greek yogurt, also known as half a container.
  3. Whisk in a pint of buttermilk and two tablespoons key lime juice.

Then I cut up a peach into a bowl and pour over some koldskal.

peaches and koldskal

Put the rest in a jar for next week.

Oh and, make Sunday's grocery list. Maybe even, hold the phone again, go out and get Sunday's groceries.