Sunday, August 10, 2014

Late Summer Sunday Cooking Practice

Oh-bla-di, oh-bla-da, life goes onnn, brahhh!!!

Wake up usually by eight, get coffee in bed like the spoiled princess I am, do my words and email my clients, get up and tidy the bedroom and the kitchen, boil my eggs for the week, ten total now that I work four days a week, and whack whack whack cut up the week's watermelon. Or cantaloupe. Or honeydew melon, you know, ninety percent of all honeydew tastes like styrofoam, but if you can get an actual honey of a dew, it is really delicious melon. Put three-quarters in three jars, plate the last quarter, the timer goes off for the eggs, run cold water over them and peel two for the plate. Take the plate to the couch for breakfast.

hardboiled eggs and honeydew

I already scarfed an egg before I remembered to take a picture.

Eventually get up and put the eight other eggs into a carton to bring to work. I only have three jars; so I will need to re-up my melon jars later in the week, easy enough.

Then set about making chicken jars for the week. Lately I like the warm ones, they go like this:

  1. heat oven to 500 degrees
  2. trim and cut the vegetable du semaine, sweet or hot pepper, and cherry tomatoes, toss with olive oil and salt in a baking pan, and roast for 20-30 minutes
  3. blend a scant 1/3 cup vinegar with 1/3 cup olive oil in a rocket blender cup for vinaigrette
  4. take apart the rotisserie chicken, saving the excess in the freezer for stock
  5. when the veggies are done, pour over the vinaigrette and toss
  6. divide veggies between the four jars
  7. divide the chicken between the four jars
I need all four jars for my four days of work, so all of them go into the fridge.

warm chicken and roasted broccoli and tomato jars

I'm not hungry yet, anyway. I do Tuesday's grocery list. When I do get hungry, I tuck into a bowl of peaches and koldskal.