Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Work Wear Review

work wear heavy sweaters sq work wear light sweaters sqwork wear tees sq work wear tanks sq

Here are my thirteen twelve sweaters more or less that I drew in 2011, the last time that I decided that it would be a good idea to photograph all my clothes and then gave up and drew picture of them because that's so much easier and less insane. Plus my four t-shirts and twelve tank tops, which means all the tops I wear for work for the whole year.

  • Top left are my heavy sweaters and fleeces for coldest winter. I honestly feel meh about the fleeces, for one thing, though they're the same style and size, the black fleece is thicker and bigger than the gray fleece, which drives me bananas. But it's been driving me bananas for well over ten years and I haven't done anything about it yet. I also don't really think they're nice enough to wear to work, but nobody seems to mind? I kind of would like to get a couple of thick cable knit sweaters, maybe cream and gray. Maybe next winter. She says, every winter.
  • Top right are my light sweaters and fleeces for spring, again with the fleeces and actually I do have two other nicer knit sweaters (row four in the thirteen sweaters) that I could sub in, but I never hardly ever wear them. If you're looking at the thirteen sweaters picture, I'm down one light sweater; the tan one got a grease spot that wouldn't come out. Three is a better number, anyway.
  • Bottom left are my t-shirts, which I only have four of. I have two more, actually, that I never wear, they don't fit. I should toss those. I've been saying that for ten years, too.
  • Bottom right, I have no idea why in God's name I have so many tank tops. I think I bought two more last summer D:) Though tanks tops, in summer, you can only wear once and they go in the wash. Sweaters I wear with undershirts, wash the undershirts and hang the sweaters. So maybe that's why. I guess also t-shirts you can only wear once, but I never buy more t-shirts because I have so damn many tank tops.

work wear layers

These are the best long sleeved t-shirts ever, they're Xhiliration sleep tees and they're really light and stretchy. I wear them under all of the above. Obviously a nice underlayer under a heavy sweater in winter, but they also pull together an outfit with a light sweater very nicely. My light sweaters, I should note, are all too short in the sleeve and the waist, long sleeved t-shirt underneath, cute layer effect, problem solved. I wear these under my t-shirts and tanks in spring and fall, too. I only don't wear them in summer, just tank tops and bare arms with a sweater that I keep at work.

I also keep thinking that I need to replenish these and then don't, and just keep working around the ones that have holes. Why am I so incorrigible. You know what would be good, if I could get two of each in black, gray, and blue to mix and match with my tights. Xhiliration doesn't always cooperate with the colors that I want, though.

work wear skirts

There are still four skirts, and I just wear my jeans—that I spilled acetone on the last time I cleaned my bearings—for the every other Friday. I am totally happy to keep wearing the same four skirts year after year, the only reason you have seen me buy new skirts is because my butt kept getting bigger, and truthfully now that I've lost some weight, now these are too big. So I wear a belt.

work wear tights

These were the best buy ever, the day's outfit starts with whichever color tights I grab out of the bin and then whichever skirt I didn't wear last week. So like, ooh, blue legs and black skirt today, and then I pick a top that works with that. It's like haiku, really a surprising lot of results from a pretty restricted set of syllables.

So, the shopping list:

* 2 heavy cable-knit sweaters
* 2 each black, gray, navy long-sleeved t-shirts

Oh and, I sometimes borrow my play wear leggings as an extra layer over my tights in coldest coldest winter, and will probably borrow again for summer when I switch to open-toed shoes. I used to have separate work leggings, but I hated them and finally threw them out, and I just bought like twelve new pairs of plain black leggings that I wear to skate in, so it seems stupid to buy more.