Friday, May 24, 2013

Egressions #59-62

59. Oatmeal lattes, what. Via A Beautiful Mess.
60. Or cold oatmeal jars? Via The Yummy Life.
61. Crockpot oatmeal! Via Best Food Pins.
62. Muesli jars. Via Joy The Baker.

So I think there's a level of starch that I need to not fall below, I've been trying to cut starch out of dinner and scrimmaged a couple weeks ago on an apple and cold chicken and, ugh, that was one long idea blocker moment. So I'm looking at rice again, and also oatmeal. Look crockpot oatmeal, Sparty posted that to my wall! And hello, oatmeal jars. I still want to branch further out into savory oatmeals, but a thing about oatmeal is that it's portable and portable sort of means cold? And savory I think is better hot? I am thinking about these things.