Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Play Wear Review

play wear

My play wear is so last year, which means new to me. You know that I'll be wearing the tattered remains of these tanks and leggings well into my fifties. Ha ha, I just freaked myself out. Though my sister didn't even make it to fifty, so I shouldn't count my chickens. And then if I do, I should have a party for my chickens and you're invited.

ANYWAY twelve bandanas, six white and six black tanks, twelve black leggings, twelve black shorts, and twelve pairs of black socks. Monochromatic, no? Sooo much easier to match, I read this Obama interview where he notes that he only wears blue and grey suits just so that's decided. See, very presidential.

One thing to do, actually. The idea with my tanks was to screen my name and number on the backs and leave the fronts blank for future inspiration, which is how you end up with twelve blank tanks. If you're me. Our charity partner Working Bikes, though, they made us a cool Working The Fury Bikes screen, I brought in one of my black tanks to be screened and also scored a white WTFB tank so:

* screen name and number on tank

I will endeavor mightily to get that done this summer.