Thursday, May 30, 2013

State of the Blog
 spring 2013


p: "i love you, man."
m: bromos.

It's been a good spring, I had fun writing this season. I like doing the egressions, they let a little air in around here.

My stats blooped up a little bit, I'm typically getting 200+ hits per day nowadays. Now and again I'm getting a 400+ day, so my monthly stats finally went over eight thousand, like, today.

It might not follow now that I'm gaining a little momentum that I think I'm going to take a break, more than my usual break. I might take a summer break. I'm not sure.

It's just that this blog is not my main thing. I write this blog 1) because I'm an introvert, honestly I blog like other people go out to bars, like this is me being social, 2) as a resource for myself, I really do cook from my blog and otherwise think out loud about things that I'm trying to get organized like my pathetic clothes, but as it happens 2a) I also leave all this lying around as a collateral resource for anybody who might find anything interesting or useful, and finally 3) as a resource for my clients, in case they don't get enough of my yammering once a week.

What I don't write this blog for is to get hundreds of thousands of hits, or to sell ads, or to sell e-books or whatever. At least not yet, I don't put work toward those results and I don't get those results. I'm cool with that.

Which means what, blogging is on a par with any other thing that I might want to do just for fun. Or not to put it too finely, not for a living. What I mean to do for a living is train folks, that is the dog and the blog is the tail. Or I guess it's some part of the dog that can be changed. The collar, okay? Or maybe a screw-on tail. NEVERMIND.

I'm just saying. Ha ha.

I'm just saying, energy husbandry. I train evenings and weekends, I work two and a half days, I cook for one day, I write for one day, and I clean half a day, and what if I want to do something else. I already learned this, you don't just add something. You can try to organize things so they fit better; but if you're already pretty organized, you have think about subtracting something.

And it's good to do new things every now and then.

I'm not even sure what.

I should probably look at catching up my continuing education credits, get into a little bit of a study mode. Or plus, I might want to organize my posts better and that's its own project.

Plus: Third Coast! Did I tell you that I tried out for WCR's C team? Do you want to know how many times I have tried out for WCR things and actually gotten on? One. We have an awesome summer schedule, I am super excited.

I'll probably have a reduced schedule of posts, I haven't decided how reduced. Or maybe I'll get excited about a whole new idea and write up a storm, because I'm like that.