Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Winter Pastime Wear
 garter belt and sweater leggings

sweater leggings with garters


Ha ha, I love how mine turned out so much trampier.

You know what these are, these are the sleeves from the sweater that I made the sweater pillow from. Literally just the sleeves, not hemmed and actually slightly unraveling in spots. I'm just acting like that's the look I'm going for. And boy, consider that these sleeves fit my thighs now like gloves and imagine the bingo wings these were when I was nineteen. Oh well, all's well that ends well!

I tried wearing these slouchy, but they were too slouchy even with tall boots. So I got this Sock Dreams Industrial Garter Belt that's supposedly what hockey players wear to hold up their thick socks and now all I can think is that hockey players skate around in cute garter belts. But man, it's super comfortable and does it hold things up.

And woah, sweater leggings are warm as toast. We are talking a serious contender to snowsuit here, and also a serious contender to sweatpants. I might have to go thrifting for more sleeves.

I think the snow boots aren't quite right, they're better with my huntress boots. Maybe my fatboys, idk, I'm a one too far kind of gal but short shorts plus garter belt plus sweater leggings plus black patent riding boots seems like one past one too far.