Thursday, February 28, 2013

State of the Blog
 winter 2013


Welp, let's see.

You can follow me on Pinterest now, if you want? I dunno, do I want? I think I'm mainly on Pinterest for— well mainly for myself, as an additional receptacle for the torrent of talking to myself that I'm up to my farm in. You may ask why don't I just keep a journal to myself, well I do, but you know these social media products, they're like pensieves, pretty polished bowls that you can swirl your thoughts in, but a place like Facebook is a small town bowl where you know who knows your business. So lately I've been more all by myself on Pinterest, the big city bowl where you're nobody and not bothering anybody and pinning to my heart's content.

—but that's not what I started out saying, I do get most of my traffic from Pinterest and IF I want to increase traffic, which is a big if, which is why it's all in caps, then I guess it can't be my own private Idaho.

IDK. I haven't decided.

But anyway, I have this new egressions feature, which I like okay so far. I started it because one of my morning rituals is reading my Google reader and then posting links that I like to my Facebook feed, so why not repurpose that into blog content like everybody else does. So I get a day off from writing? Except that curating, you know, is also something that you can do well or half-assed.

Credit where credit's due, egressions back end support is provided by the sweetie man! I send him the links, and he wrote this automated thingy that processes the thumbnails and properly links back to all the places.

Going on break! Will post March's habit on Monday, then back 3/21.