Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hourly Exercise Breaks
 cancel cancel cancel

Aghghghghgh, this skeleton did not work for me at all. I wonder if it worked for anybody.

First of all, I thought I would post a strength workout skeleton at the beginning of the quarter and then an interval workout skeleton in the middle of the quarter, i.e., right about now, which I'm not at all ready with, so that you could have workouts all year round. Whoever "you" are, which is part of my problem. I'm a personal trainer, I train persons. I feel like I can't train in the abstract, and woah to that, abstraction has always been my Garden of Eden. I guess I'm getting my act together and taking it on the actual physical road. Am I being too figurative? I'm just saying that it's difficult for me to train without an object. It's like fitness doesn't exist on its own, it needs a body to exist in. Which is going well for me in the world, but on this blog not so much and why not. I write about food, food needs a body to exist in? I write about what I eat, there's my object. I could write about how I work out, about my own fitness. I'm going to guess that asking me to write about fitness is like asking a goldfish to write about water, and probably asking me to write about food was also like asking a goldfish to write about water at one time. Or maybe writing about food was like writing about the bowl, and now let's write about this water. What water, right, remember when you said what bowl? Let me tell you something that I only just realized despite dutifully posting food and fitness charts like clockwork: this past half year during which I've written the majority of my posts about derby-life balance, all that was my off season. Now the season is on, and you know what? On and off are, like, different. Like you know, they're binary. Like I forgot about how during home season, it's not that you're training so much harder but that you're doing everything else so much harder. Like there are so many parties. I'm not joking, that shit has to be factored in.

Secondly, this here skeleton. Two days of an alarm going off on the hour made me unhinged, real talk. Not even an alarm that goes clang clang clang, just a little pop-up window on my computer screen. In the parlance of hacking habits, it's the cue that isn't working and why not. Because it clashes with the flow of the other thing that I have to do at work, which is, you know, work. I'd just settle into pulling some reports and then POP! goes the weasel. [ETA: Well obviously, why this doesn't work versus pomodoro technique: because it's clock-based and not timer-based, by contrast you set your pomodoro when you start your task and you have twenty-five minutes from that point, which supposedly is in sync with your internal task clock.] The other thing is, did I tell you that I'm picking up a third day at the office, the third day being in charge of the kitchen and office supplies, so that means I'm on my feet taking stock, unpacking, squatting, climbing, reaching, you know, actual movement that doesn't need to be interrupted for extra movement, and actually I'm quite geeked about my third day.

Okay so this habit does not work, what do we do to make it work. And okay, I'm only supposed to be doing one habit per month. Actually I think I had hourly exercise breaks down for July or something, maybe I'll have it figured out by then.

For starters, why do I want to do this. Not because I need to get these four sets of ten reps of balance and core strength exercises in, I just need to get up and move around at work. But I need that to work with how I work at work, also I should mention that we moved offices and now I sit at the front desk with everybody else and the kitchen and the copy room in the back down a long hallway; so there's already more walking involved, which is good. Though on the other hand, I finally figured out this other window that keeps popping up on my computer is intraoffice instant messenger. What is this about again? Getting up and moving around at work, so you don't die from sitting. What is this not about? Getting another workout in, you're good on workouts. No seriously, you're full up on workouts. No more workouts.

I'm putting this in the homework machine now. I'll be back when I'm back.

Cancel cancel cancel, by the way, is a little bit of magical thinking for when something from overmind gets its teeth in you and you need it to let go. Food and fitness charts are overmind, don't think for a second that only your id has teeth.