Thursday, February 14, 2013


work messenger and lunch bags play backpack pastime purse pastime fanny pack

Let's talk about bags, I also want my bags to all be black and I only want three. But, there are four bags. Actually, there are five bags!

  1. Work bags - I used to bring my brown Derby Lite backpack to work, but the day that my marinated beans leaked all over my notebook was the last day of that one bag system. Now my notebook and my food, arguably the two most important things in my life, travel separately, notebook in this Tumi messenger bag that my niece bought me for my birthday to replace the really horrifying handwoven bag that I used to carry my notebook in. "See," she said reassuringly, like she was trying to get me to put down a gun, "it fits your notebook." Food gets carried in this cooler that I won the first year I did Walk & Roll, I actually love the pop of yellow.
  2. Play bag - This is just an Eastpak or Jansport backpack that I got at Staples, I think. I ripped off the brand patch and sewed on a WCR patch, which I had to do twice because the first time I sewed the front pocket shut. All my gear fits in this backpack and I snap my helmet to the top loop, or actually most of the time I wear my helmet to bike in.
  3. Pastime bag, dress - Just a little bag that I got at Target, I took it to the shoe repair to shorten the strap so the bag fits snugly under my arm. I guess this is my go-to dress bag for going out.
  4. Pastime bag, casual - Nooo Poppy... hahaha yesss, fanny pack. Do you know the difference between a hipster and a granny? A hipster wears a fanny pack because it's ugly even though it's practical, a granny wears a fanny pack because it's practical even though it's ugly. I would honestly wear this bag with all my pastime wear—I mean within reason, I wouldn't wear it to a wedding—except that even I draw the line at wearing a snowsuit with a fanny pack. But lately I'm thinking about only wearing the snowsuit for play, what! Yes. Only when I'm on my bike, and otherwise attempt to dress up when I go out, so then it's out of the snowsuit and into the fanny pack!