Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Summer Wear

beach party

Except for the cami bra, I got nothing for summer wear. I did get a bathing suit, pictured right. Ha ha, Sassy took this picture of Biggie giving Roe a haircut at the WCR beach party and there I am. I just learned how to hula hoop this summer, at Shanna's wedding, which is why I bought this bathing suit, because I didn't think to pack my old bathing suit. I was due for a new bathing suit though, my old bathing suit was already old when I wore it four years ago to B's birthday beach party and the bra clasp disintegrated, and the clever ladies put me back together with a carabiner, and I've been wearing it like that, held together with the carabiner and then with some tie-dyed t-shirt yarn, ever since.

I think though sometimes there needs to be somebody who says, I didn't buy any new clothes this season. I'm wearing all the same clothes as last season. Old Navy tank tops, stretch knit miniskirts from Target and stretch denim miniskirts from Old Navy again, black or blue leggings, and Dansko black patent leather sandals for work, white and black tank tops with my name screened on, black leggings and boxer briefs, no show socks, and gym shoes for play, surgered tank tops, Selena Gomez short shorts and whatever these sandals are, Josef Siebel, that were my sister's for pastime. I did cut down some of my t-shirts into new-to-me tank tops, I realized that I only ever wear tank tops in summer and really only switch to t-shirts when it's cool enough to wear a long sleeved t-shirt layered underneath. So anything too snug for that got cut up, meaning my three Dinosaur Comics t-shirts, which I managed to turn into two Dinosaur Comics tank tops, because I cut the armholes too low on Return To The Moon And Don't Forget The Chicks This Time and tried to repair it with some fancy corset lacing, which is when I decided that I'm sort of over fancy corset lacing. I was sad. Not about the corset lacing, the shirt was one of my favorites. I had to sit on my fingers to keep from ordering a new one, and told myself that life is about the second law of thermodynamics and energy or favorite t-shirts escaping from inefficient systems. I shall endeavor to incorporate the pieces into a tote bag.

Do you know what I mean, though? Don't get me wrong, I love fashion. Or well, I love fashion for me. I probably don't love fashion the way a person who loves fashion loves fashion. But anyway, blogs, you know, if they're not outright selling you something, they want to be showing you something, blogs exist to be looked at. And I'm not faulting anybody, I'm just sometimes aware that the pace that we look at things is really far ahead of the pace that we can actually acquire things, let alone use them up. And not that everybody, if anybody, really tries to go shot for shot with what they look at, but I'm also sometimes aware of a subtle acceleration in the works. And I thought I would just say, I'm not going that fast. And then if you have it solidly in your mind that you don't need all the things all the time, you ask yourself Why am I looking at them.