Monday, August 6, 2012

It Goes Like This
 tidying the kitchen and cutting up fruit

p: grrmp

p: stupid cantaloupe surrounded by stupid dishes

p: why don't you cut yourself up

::pours a glass of coffee::

p: i mean, i could eat.

p: what am i saying, i have to eat.

::puts eggs on the stove::

p: blrrgh, i know where this is going

::puts on apron and washes the dishes::

::cantaloupe looks sexy::

p: oop, eggs.

::puts lid on eggs and sets timer::

p: every time

::cuts up cantaloupe::

::puts cantaloupe in a bowl and into mason jars::

p:oop, eggs.

::sits down to eat hardboiled eggs and cantaloupe with iced coffee, BEST COMBO::

Later in the week, grabbing a mason jar of cantaloupe and a fork:

p: i am so good at life.

I'm not kidding. Give yourself occasion just three times a week to say that you're good at life, reinforced by cantaloupe. It's a confidence builder, believe—

Also when you sprinkle salt on your eggs, sometimes a little salt falls on the cantaloupe or watermelon or mango or whatever below and that is really good.