Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Camisole Surgery: Cami Bra

cami bra

I don't expect this will be much use to you unless you went into camisole tops in a big way in the early aughts like I did. I really have no idea why I needed so many camisole tops.

Probably also not much use if you have actual breasts that need support like I don't. Actually this arose because I hate wearing proper bras except for work, I've had it highlighted on my chart for like a year to buy some training or juniors or whatever cheap comfy bras for pastime wear, and then I was cleaning out my closet and I was like, you mean like these dozen camisole tops with shelf bras that I'm about to throw out only shorter? So lop, I roughly measured down five or so inches from the top seam and took off the bottom of the tank with my rotary cutter.

Very comfy, actually more comfy than when they were whole tops. I think because they were too short, now I don't have to always fuss with pulling them down.