Friday, August 24, 2012

Forty Five

forty five

p: i have to ask you an important question.

m: okayy.

p: i've been thinking as much as i wish i was an elf, i'm really a wizard.

m: why do you wish you were an elf?

p: oh you know, because elves are the best.

m: elves aren't the best.

p: well, they're the prettiest.

p: they shoot bow and arrows.

p: they're naturally skinny and they can eat all the carbs they want.

m: they are pretty.

m: but dwarves make shit.

p: do you want to be a dwarf?

m: i am a dwarf. there's no want.

p: do you think i'm a wizard?

m: what makes you a wizard?

p: well you know, a wizard is sort of alone.

m: aw.

p: i mean, except for his dwarf best friend.


p: i mean, a wizard has friends.

p: but you know what i mean, a wizard is sort of a solitary weird old guy.

m: i guess you're a wizard because you're a lot older than most of the people you hang out with.