Wednesday, August 29, 2012

State of the Blog
 summer 2012

So you know the best decision I've ever made for this blog is to take a twenty day break from the first through the twentieth of the last month of every quarter, and start up again on the first day of every season, so now before I go on break, I'm going to end with a little state of the blog report.

This here blog.


So you also know that I roughly write about SYSTEMS on Monday, Fashion on Tuesday, Gear on Wednesday, Fitness on Thursday, and Food on Friday; but if I don't have anything to say about systems or fashion or gear or fitness, I write about food all week and then it's breakfast on Monday, lunch on Tuesday, snack on Wednesday, dinner on Thursday, and drink on Friday. Ish. These aren't rules, they're guidelines, which sounds so dumb to say, but they really are, like guidelines, like coordinates in the terrifying open space of that blank piece of paper. I also think of them as strings on a guitar. Though I guess in space no one can hear you play the guitar. Really basically, blogging is exactly like playing a guitar in space. But anyway, I can pluck this string or that string, in this order or that order, you know, like that. If you're drawing a blank about what to blog about, just saying, does your guitar have strings.

I have too many labels, though. I have to clean them up. I did also read somewhere that labels for blog posts is so nineties, I'm supposed to have a search function. And also I'm so behind on linking back to my posts from flickr. I need an intern.

Five posts per week is a lot, I'm not exactly sure how I managed to keep up with that. Probably all those movement and muscle writeups, otherwise known as studying for my certification exam. I dropped Thursdays this summer, fitness honestly is the hardest thing to blog about. Which seems ironic, being that's what I do. But actually not ironic, because doing is the best way to do fitness. I mean, right? It's motion in three dimensions, actually four dimensions if you count duration. It's most effective and easiest for me to show you in person, and then in descending order of effectiveness and in ascending order of ease, in a video, in photos, in writing.

I am melting my brain trying to process the difference between writing instructions for food and writing instructions for fitness. There's something, but it's not coming together. Just thought I'd throw that out there.

But, my point. Is. As I get busier as a trainer, I might blog less. Or I might blog more! I think it will depend on what it turns out that my clients need organized for them, this is the whole reason why I have my guitar strung the way it is. To organize things for myself, and why do I want them organized. So then that's done and I don't have to do it over and over, and I can do what I want. It just so happens that what I want to do quite often is organize things...