Tuesday, August 9, 2011

T-Shirt Surgery: A String Top

string top back

This is one of my favorite tops that I made two summers ago, and welp, it did fit me differently when I was skinnier, you can see how the strings are supposed to lie on the shoulders and cross in back. I still like this sort of Pocohantas look though, so I still wear it. I should mention, this is from a bunch of t-shirt surgeries that I made from t-shirts bequeathed to me from shoalmate Shannanigan, if you were wondering why I have so many nihilist industrial and body modification shirts. With my sunny disposition and my two little tattoos.

But anyway, this is about the easiest t-shirt surgery you will ever make. Really the hardest part is figuring out which strings go where when you put it on.

So all you do is measure yourself around the armpits, divide that in half, and measure that out from the center of your t-shirt. I always make A-line tops because I haven't figured out how to make a waist curve yet, just draw diagonals from armpit to hem. Then you cut it all out and sew up the sides.

string top pattern

For the strings, you cut 1" strips (not pictured) and sew them together, if necessary, to make them long enough. There are four strings! Then you eyeball where the strings would go, and punch two holes about an inch apart on both sides of both sides. These holes will stretch, so use a tiny punch like a 1/8" punch.

Then you string the strings through the holes, matching the front and back holes for the outside strings and crossing the inside strings in back. Also the holes don't hold a knot; the strings are decoratively knotted, but I tied them together in front of their holes to hold them in.