Tuesday, August 23, 2011

T-Shirt Surgery: A Corset Back Top

corset back tank front

Ha ha ha! I have learned, though, that there are more punny Spock t-shirts out there than I can hope to acquire, and I'm sure the What Not To Wear ladies have covered the subject of not letting your derby name take over your entire wardrobe.

In any case if you're going to be that nerdy from the front, you probably want to bring a little sexy back:

corset back tank back

I've only ever made this from t-shirts that were already the right size, so ironically they don't quite fit. Because the strings pull the shoulders in, then there's a little bit of gapping here and there. Also I think this shirt is a little too thick for this style, I think a lighter fabric would drape better.

corset back top pattern

So if your shirt fits, all you have to do is lop off the sleeves and the neckhole. Then you cut a deep U in the back and punch 1/8" holes 1" from the fabric edge and, idk, about 2" apart. Looking at my picture, I guess I didn't start those holes as high up as they are in the pattern.

Then cut a 1" strip from the bottom of the t-shirt, which is when I cut into where it said "YOU OUT" at the bottom. If you were wondering where that was. Though I do like an incomplete joke, and the length is better shorter. You probably have to sew together two strips to make one very long string. By the way, have I told you that you just pull on the strip to turn it into a string? Also you can pull on your cut edges to roll them and hide any rough edges.

Then thread the string through the holes from top to bottom, and tie the ends together at the bottom.