Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Summer Pastime Wear

summer pastime wear

I was really happy wearing black camis and cargo shorts last summer, and this summer I just couldn't get over the profile with the big back pockets. It's not just the giant pockets over my big butt, I think my legs have just gotten too thick for long shorts. So I got two pairs of Selena Gomez short shorts, ha ha, from the juniors department, and now short shorts plus surgered t-shirts is my go to summer look. I like it!

Plus I can finally replace my zombie birkenstocks with the sandals I saved from my sister, and by "replace" I mean I still can't bear to throw them away...

2 denim short shorts
6 t-shirt surgeries
brown or black sandals

At last count, I have seventeen surgered t-shirts. Pics and instructions TK!