Thursday, August 18, 2011

Running Stairs

Boy you know, I have been running up the stairs from the train station, just two days a week, since February when my work moved to the Marquette Building literally upstairs from the Monroe blue line station, almost as a joke nod to the near certainty that I would never ride my bike to work again and also to my growing addiction to cinnamon raisin bagels with cream cheese and small coffees to go, appropriately marketed at Corner Bakery as the Morning Rush, and last night when Coach Larry had us running stairs for plyos before speed, I realized that it actually has not been a waste of time.

I actually brought my camera to take a picture of the stairs like a weirdo. But I turned it on and it took one shaky photo, announced that it was exhausted and shut down. I've been there, camera. It gets better!

Three sets of thirteen stairs from the platform to the station, and a set of fifteen stairs and a set of twenty stairs from the station to the street.

Get that bagel! Get that bagel!