Monday, September 7, 2009

Tweaking: Saturday and Sunday, also Friday

Photo by Pit Crew

Slouching Toward Veganism

A few things turned:

  • Summer decided that it was just too much work, and turned itself into fall.
  • I burned right out on green salads.
  • I saw the video where the leftover baby chicks got ground up alive.
All in all it's a good time to refresh my diet, which is reasonably easy to do being that I'm eating about the same ten things in any given period. There's just not that much to change, whether it's for the season or to lose weight or because I'm thinking about ...not quite turning vegan. But say, "veganizing" here and there.

Let me say that a person who eats chili cheese dogs is not any kind of vegan, and I'm not making that claim. Like I said, I'm not about purity or perfection. It's about small choices for me. Not even "baby steps," because I'm not necessarily planning to grow up or go anywhere. Whatever the word is for not cooking with eggs at home is, and also maybe not milk, butter, or ice cream. But still yogurt.

Truthfully, I already hardly have eggs, milk, butter, or ice cream at home. And I eat a ton of yogurt. But I basically don't think two things: one, I don't think that being a 95% unregenerate stubborn bastard invalidates the little positive changes that you do undertake. Two, I don't think these little positive changes are invalidated because you picked all the easy stuff to do. All it really invalidates is any nascent sanctimoniousness, so it's all good.

Coming soon, then: tempura and marinated vegetable rice bowls, silk french toast, adventures with butter substitutes, popsicles, and frozen banana ice cream. And I have to be able to get it all at the Jewel. Not so much because I'm on a warpath with Whole Foods, but because the Jewel is two blocks away from my house & also I'm on a budget, it's always nice to remember that eating organic food is more a privilege than a virtue.