Monday, September 14, 2009

A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again

On the one hand, I got my fall shopping done. I don't tend to make time to shop for clothes, and what I was wearing to work was getting too bad. I like wearing clothes, I like putting together outfits out of my closet, I just don't love to shop. Like how some people enjoy food, but don't like to cook. Actually I'm sort of that way with food, also. Anyway, I got six new skirts and straightened out my whole closet.

On the other hand, I could feel the unspent energy collecting in my hands and in all my nerve endings. I ate because my stomach was empty; but on a cellular level, I felt like that was just piling up more energy to go bad quicker than I could use it up. If you think of sleep as layers, I was only able to sink to the warmish foamy top layer instead of the cool silent deep.

Hard practice led by Helsa yesterday afternoon, and I feel sore in the right places (glutes and abs) and fine in the places that, are you listening, do not need to get any bigger (quads). I slept like a stone. I'm ready for more tonight.

I'm out of the weekend with almost none of my chores done: no lunches packed, dishes piled in the sink, bathroom getting kind of gross now, bills unpaid. It's going to be a week behind the eight ball. It's time to change it up, make things exciting again—