Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Behind the Eight Ball

Okay so, in general, I will link to stuff that I like and not link to stuff that I don't like; so I'm not linking to this personal development blog that I have on my feed, where he says that it's stupid to have a fixed income, "fixed income" meaning a regular wage rather than a "variable income" where you manage multiple income streams. It's not that I'm closed to the idea of multiple income streams, I'm just not into calling other people's choices stupid and am pretty almost politically committed to the idea of everybody doing your own thing. I guess it helps you to get your point across if you make it, you know, pointy. If you care more about your pointy stick than the people at the end of the stick, which I don't. Care about the stick more. I mean, I care about people more than about not eating eggs.

Also food for thought was evil plans & english cut, all but the last line which I liked. But last lines are super hard, it's hard not to say something that you don't mean & I have a theory why that is, but nevermind that for now. I'm just saying, I'm trying to cultivate this attitude that whatever I do well is as much a privilege and as a virtue. It doesn't hurt to be thankful, you know? But anyway, I dig the English tailor guy & I dig the gaping void guy, he's the guy that does the cartoons on business cards. Now he's retired to Texas, not where I would retire to. But, retirement. Is what I'm getting at.

Finally, I really dug How Weekend Projects Can Free Your Inner Rock Star on Lifehacker. Though isn't Beck already a rock star? Still. I think I said in an earlier post that I'm basically against perfectionism. I will add, its evil spawn paralysis. Though soon it will go without saying that nothing is always bad in my book, god knows that I've been in the midst of chaos that fttt! a little dart of curare in the right neck would have helped a lot.

I'm trying to turn into something, I'm trying to turn into something that pays...