Monday, August 31, 2009

The Big Sleep: Saturday and Sunday, also Friday

20090831_tattooHow did I get to be forty-two years old, and I just discovered "weekends"?

The second best part of this weekend was getting up Saturday morning at eight thirty, eating breakfast, and going back to bed. Then getting up at ten thirty, and eating breakfast again. Plus I had done the meal plan and grocery list half-awake over my first breakfast, so it was like the meal plan elf had left me a grocery list.

The best part of this weekend was not getting up Sunday morning until ten thirty.

And this weekend included going to the WCR vs. Charm City bout! And sporting temporary tattoos, and drinking Shirley Temples! Who knew sleeping in was good enough to beat that.

What it makes me think is, it's impossible to describe yourself. Well actually, I don't think it's impossible. Or if I do, I'm not going to stop trying. But. I routinely unashamedly describe myself as lazy; but if I'm so lazy, how have I not discovered weekends and sleeping in until now?

It also reminds me of what Natalie Goldberg says in Writing Down The Bones:

One neat truth about writing cannot answer it all. There are many truths. To do writing practice means to deal ultimately with your whole life. If you receive instructions on how to set a broken bone in your ankle, you can't use those same instructions to fill a cavity in your teeth. You might read a section in this book that says to be very specific and precise. That's to help the ailment of abstract, general meandering in your writing. But then you read another chapter that says lose control, write on waves of emotion. That's to encourage you to really say deep down what you need to say.... Some techniques are appropriate at some times and some for other times. Every moment is different. Different things work. One isn't wrong and the other right.
Or alternately, what Meg says about how to know if a girl likes you, roughly: really think to yourself if you're the kind of guy who always thinks that girls are into you or who never thinks that girls are into you, then push yourself a little bit toward being the other kind. You know, in whatever girl-guy-girl-girl combination works for you. Or obviously, in whatever combination not having to do with writing or guys or girls at all.

I also made chex mix this weekend. I got into chex mix in a bad way last week; but the fact is, I'd eat that bag of chex mix and calm right down & actually stop thinking about food. So I thought I'd just go with the flow, have a whiz-bang all-the-chex-mix-you-can-eat week and maybe I should mix my own chex like rolling your own cigarettes. But you know, homemade chex mix is about the same calories and about the same price as the handy four-serving bag, and by "four" I mean single. Maybe it's more nutritious? Because I used fancy organic chex and whole-grain pretzels. I will post the recipe in a minute.

But Munt, you must do everything that needs done over the weekend. Because if you don't push to get your lunches all the way packed for the week, you're going to be cutting up fruit when you're supposed to be writing during the week & that's no good.