Friday, August 28, 2009

I Got This: Monday and Thursday

Woah, I have a BIG skating break coming up; it totally crept up on me. I thought for some reason that Orbit's and Derby Lite's back-to-school breaks were going to be staggered, but they're the same two weeks. So just Sunday skate, no Monday or Thursday skates for the next two weeks.

What to do.

Get your hair cut. Do something about your eyebrows, for the love of God. Get some new socks. What I really needed for my outfit this morning (white shirt, jeans) was a pair of bright patterned socks that I could wear with my beat-up Mary Janes. It looks okay with my knee-high boots (black no-show socks), but lately I want that little pop of color. But I don't have any bright socks, I only started getting black socks —the no-show ones— this summer. Last summer I discovered white no-show socks (for skating, long socks give me blisters). Two summers ago I cut the toes off half of my white cotton crew socks to make arm gaskets (also for skating, obviously), and that still left me with two dozen pairs of white cotton crew socks.

What can I say: when I go in, I go all in.

And, this bus makes wide turns.