Friday, August 21, 2009

Cliff Notes to Going Through the Motions: Tuesday and Wednesday

  • I'm reading the next chapter in John Gardner's The Art of Fiction to get me started writing again.
  • I was depressed earlier in the week, but I'm okay now:
    • due in no small part to reading the aforementioned chapter
    • which so far talks about how writing needs to come to life
    • which the same thing that I need to keep from getting depressed
    • and just thinking about how to make my writing come to life, makes me come back to life
    • which is awesome.
  • I google Gilles Deleuze —a philosopher that I'm attracted to, but don't fully understand.
  • I find an article that I can reasonably comprehend, and basically I get this:
    • he is against the notion of a dual plane of existence, divided between the immanent and the transcendent
      • because notions of transcendence give rise to notions of morality, where Good and Evil have been determined by something "out there"
      • which diminishes one's own involvement in life

      • which makes one feel not so alive

    • instead he is for the notion of a "plane of immanence" where everything is right here
      • which gives rise to notions of ethicality, where good and bad are decided within any given situation
      • which is involving, among other things
      • and connects you more directly to the experience of being alive!
  • So basically Gardner and Deleuze are talking about the same thing at the moment:
    • and it's just the thing that I need to get my writing started
    • and also to get me out of being depressed
    • which is awesome.
  • Oh and, I quoted Buffy. Because I am a geek.

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