Monday, August 17, 2009

Going Through The Motions: Saturday and Sunday, also Friday

Sometimes how you feel about life is that you get to live! And sometimes how you feel is that you have live. As long as you don't start thinking that you don't have to, you know?

If it seems like I'm going through the motions, I am sometimes. Sometimes it's something that I'm trying to learn, they say you have to repeat a move eight hundred times to get it into your brain and beyond. Sometimes the fire's gone out, I'm just keeping it going until it goes back on.

Little of both, this week. Sticking with the plan.


Woke up ungodly early Saturday morning, did stretches, crunches, and pushups, had tea and toast, wrote up the meal plan and shop list, and went back to bed. Woke up next at 10:30 and proceeded with groceries, bed, dishes, laundry, and lunches. Was making black bean and mango salsa when pit crew got home from work. Bills, review and plan while he napped.

I'm relearning the weekend as free time, too. I rode my bike up Milwaukee and picked up:

  • a grey suit jacket ($1.80), a white shirt ($1.20), and a red necktie ($0.40) from Village Thrift for the 9/5 Chicago Outfit halftime show
  • La Jetee from Odd Obsession as homework for my time travel short (or possibly, feature)
  • Protec Street wrist guards and knee pads from Uprise Skate Shop
This is important: feeling like your life includes the random. Also, getting the wrist guards and knee pads finishes off my six-fingered to do list from before my LA trip.


I decided to skip Sunday practice, due to going away party and also due to air and water show traffic. I spent the morning, speaking of random, surgering this I ♥ MJ t-shirt that I got at Kmart. It only turned out okay, so no pics.

In the afternoon I watched La Jetee, which technically counts as Hobby. But who's counting.


Friday night, freaky friday karaoke. Saturday night, catching up on Dollhouse extras and True Blood episodes. Sunday night, going away party for Helen and good riddance to John Hughes.


I have permission to keep writing this blog until I have at least a treatment written for my zombie feature, i.e., writing this blog instead of writing queries to agencies, which was going slow and nowhere. Though now that I can say that INTROVERT made Scriptapalooza quarterfinals, it might be time to start sending queries again.

The I-Ching says that I have to hold together, but that I'm exhausted. Tell me something that I don't know, like where is a bolt of lightning and where I can stand holding up this fork—