Monday, August 24, 2009

I Got This: Saturday and Sunday, also Friday

20090824_peeweeI think I can safely say that this "weekend" thing works. Hooray for me: reinventing the wheel, one wheel at a time!

Highlights from this weekend: tacos de lengua at Taco Burrito Express, second-to-last disk of Veronica Mars S1; making bolognese sauce in a very orderly fashion, chowing down a giant bowl of sliced jicama, mango, and nectarine, roasting beets that I got from K.O. and setting them aside in the refrigerator to be put on a salad with avocado, walnuts, and feta, napping with pit crew in the middle of the afternoon, watching District 9 the whole nine yards with mega popcorn and so-called medium drinks; getting together my Peewee Herman costume with tape and safety pins, apple-walnut pancakes and also the better part of my niece's broccoli-bacon omelet at Bite, a framed portrait of Barack Obama by my nephew, a triangle glazed dish with a funny octopus by my niece, more napping in the middle of the afternoon, leading practice, delivering pasta bolognese to Ripa, getting stuck all over with stickers by little Ripas, chili cheese dog and fries from Choppers, last disk of Veronica Mars S1, OMG CLIFFHANGER, first episode of Veronica Mars S2, chocolate silk popsicle, something called Push about people with psi powers, and so to bed with Man-Kzin XI...