Monday, October 7, 2013

Eat A Protein, A Green, And A Grain
 For Pre-Workout Dinner
 four times a week

eat a protein, a green, and a grain for pre-workout dinner

Doodly doo, don't mind me, just closing the loop here. This is my main—a.k.a. spacefood—dinner actually, four times a week before I work out in the evening. I'm still working on eat fish and vegetables for dinner three times a week for when I don't have an evening workout. I did come up with my own fish taco recipe, it's very good! TK!

The Cue

The cue for my spacefood dinner is getting home from work or finishing up my work at home and having to fuel up for my evening workout.

The Routine

Blah blah blah you've seen this, korean ground beef or chinese ground pork with kale or turnip greens with Trader Joe's microwaveable rice, I borrowed Matt Fitzgerald's rhyme "a grain, a green, and a bean" but I count beans as starch and I eat meat, and happily protein still rhymes, so. I changed the order because I prioritize protein. Like for most of what I eat, the key habit is in my cooking practice so that all I have to do when I want to eat is grab some jar. Or in this case, I keep my meat and greens in takealong containers. Actually for spacefood, I sort of flop on the couch and bellow I'M HUNGRY and the sweetie man fixes my bowl for me. Yeah I know, that's gross, but ...true. Sorry! (Not at all sorry!)

The Reward

Another perfect example of a how a habit loop is formed: it took a few iterations to get the bowl right, and it seems like little bit of meat, a little bit of greens, and a little bit of rice is the right balance so that I do decently at practice, and that ensures I will do it again and again. Achievement unlocked.

Status: ACTIVE