Monday, August 5, 2013

Eat Fish and Vegetables for Dinner
 three times a week

eat fish and vegetable for dinner

So this is the first habit that I'm talking about that isn't fait accompli, I'm down with salmon and broccoli once a week so far. If you're keeping track of my proteins, it's eggs for breakfast, chicken for lunch, meat, vegetables, and rice for spacefood dinners four times a week, and now fish for dinner three times a week, and also nuts for afternoon snack, and yogurt for post-workout evening snack, it's like a rainbow of protein.

The Cue

The cue for my fish dinner is getting home from work and not having anywhere else to go. I might sit down for a bit of a rest, and in the past that might have meant GAME OVER and PIZZA PIZZA.

The Routine

My salmon and broccoli recipe is so easy though...

The Reward

...and it's so good, so it's its own reward. And the sweetie man likes it a lot, which is rewarding, and we get to eat together, which is also rewarding.

Really this is a perfect example of a how a habit loop is formed: it took a few tries to work out this salmon and broccoli technique, it's easy, but perhaps more saliently it's so practiced. By which I mean, I have practiced it and have it down. And it's good and it has been praised, thereby ensuring I will do it again and again. Achievement unlocked!

That leaves two more fish dinners I have to come up with. Too bad Taco Burrito Express doesn't have fish tacos, I would take those and run with them. Sometimes after a Tuesday Third Coast practice, we go out to The Beetle for $2 tacos and they put fish tacos on lettuce for me; they're so good. Where can I send the sweetie man that's not too far for fish tacos. Then that leaves one more fish dinner to think up and try out, tickety tock...