Thursday, August 29, 2013

State of the Blog
 summer 2013

the little prince

Odie's construction of gender is such that he loves wearing his sparkly tiara, but politely requested that I trim the -SS off the end with my utility knife.

When we last spoke at the beginning of summer, I was only going to post what overflowed out of my brain. I thought it would be a spotty summer, fits and starts of writing spattered with holes in between. What it was instead was a solid six week run, not even punctuated by egressions for the first three weeks, then two more days and then BAM, the wall, then dark for four weeks. Which in hindsight I think I could have predicted, given how I generally do. Well.

I've grouped my State of the Blog and State of the Biz posts both under the state of the biz label, and also by the way bout day, business development, and Sunday breakfasts all under the bout day breakfast label. More and more I'm firmly pushing myself toward the idea that my blog is a good servant but a poor master. Or that my blog is a good tail but a poor dog. I am the dog. If I need to express myself, I have this tail. Full stop. That's what this is for. For me. Not hating on anybody who blogs for different reasons and with different results, because hey, different strokes for different folks. I just don't want to mix up what I'm doing with what other people—whom I avidly follow—do.

Here's my thing: I think, maybe, this month I am in the black (by $25.00) for the first time since my sister got sick and I started this whole life change. Not menopause, I mean getting certified to be a personal trainer. Also, I say "maybe" because I have to make it to September 6th without spending any money. Anyway my really simple life goal is to get back to where I was, i.e., making a sustainable living that supports my current lifestyle, i.e., the one where I don't have the doorknob. Well, I guess that's not my life goal. That's my current goal. I suppose when I get to that goal, I will set my sights on another goal. This here goal, though.

So first of all, I don't care about being internet famous, I mean not to put it too finely, but I'd want to be internet rich insofar as I'd want to be internet anything. Back to my goal, right? Okay so, I realize that being internet famous is connected to being internet rich. I realize that blogging for a living is a thing and does happen. I mean, you can do anything for a living. And anything you do for a living, you're doing ...things. When you're looking at doing a thing for a living, don't look at the Idea of the thing: look at the To Do List of the thing. Because what isn't awesome about the idea of blogging for a living, it's just that the actual to do list for blogging for a living is actually densely populated with things I don't like to do.

Whereas I really like training folks, I'm discovering more and more. I don't want to say that happily it pays more, because I don't know how much blogging pays when you actually apply yourself to making blogging pay. I can tell you that I am up to $36.22 in my Google AdSense account after fourish years. So I will just say that I happily apply myself to working with my clients, and hey, they give me checks! That I can pay my bills with!

Which means what, I've thought about the different paths I could take and I've decided not that path. So I can close my eye to that path and look around more at this other path, the one that I've mostly been on. See what takes shape on this path.

Oh and, I've started loading my old posts from this blog's previous version into this version. I thought about it and didn't do it forever because some of those old entries are so bad and sad, but that's how it was and I might as well put it all in one place, and really nobody but me cares.