Friday, June 21, 2013

Summer Preview

Previously on State of the Blog, I was considering taking a summer break.


I think I just needed a little break. I took my usual three week break, and then the sentences started to march across my brain again. Where do I put them.

Remember how I said that I blog like other people go to bars? If I'm not writing, I feel sort of ...lonely. Like I don't have anybody to talk to. I mean, I have the sweetie man and shoalmates and talk to them a lot. It's just that the volume—the amount, not the loudness—of talk in my head exceeds, you know, humans.

At the same time, I only have one day a week to use my best self on desk work. Which also has to include studying, I have a list of things that I want to study this summer. For my continuing education credits, but also just stuff that I'm interested in and want to know. Which is good, I think I finally understand what "career" means.


I'm going to try this: I'm only going to post what overflows out of my brain. It seems to me there's two kinds of writing that I do for this blog: stuff that I can crank out pretty easily at bedtime when I'm a little bit tired and a little less critical and so cracking myself up, and stuff that I have to sit at my desk and work out. Also there's photographing food that I made to eat anyway, and documenting all of my clothes, ugh the most dire project I have undertaken ever, and yet I feel compelled to finish. It will be the former this summer, let's see what that looks like. Even if that means holes, in fact holes used to be fine around here—