Thursday, June 27, 2013

Summer Food Combos

So food combos, ha ha.

I don't really believe in superfoods that are superfriends, not strongly. I mean, I don't not believe in them. I basically think that, like, avocadoes and tomatoes are good for you, and they taste good together, why not make that a thing and ensure that you eat alot of both of them. And why not try some things that you wouldn't think would go together. And also comb out a few of the tangles you see in this list. And this is how that went.

1. Green tea and lemon

Check. Start the day with green tea and lemon, right? Oh wait you don't know about that yet, I went back to green tea and lemon.

2. Avocado and tomato

What's not to check about that, nothing could be easier or more delicious than two hardboiled eggs in a bowl with cut-up avocado and tomato. If you want to dirty more dishes, you could do scrambled eggs with guacamole. I want to dirty as few dishes as possible this summer, though.

3. Artichoke and pepper

The deal here is supposedly iron in combination with vitamin C. Anything with iron and anything with vitamin C, it doesn't have to be artichokes and peppers. Artichokes and peppers are easy, though, and they happen to be good on salad, better than in chicken stew, actually; so that's how I eat them. "Recipe" TK.

4. Apple and dark chocolate

Okay so, this one is from Dr. Oz and seemed random to me. It's supposedly the quercetin in the apple and the flavonoids in the chocolate. Here's my thing: quercetin is a kind of flavonoid, right? And like a flavonoid is a kind of antioxidant? Can we compare apples to apples, or quercertin to quercetin as it were? Because otherwise I'm just going to wave my hands and vaguely say antioxidants and leave it at that.

In any case apple and chocolate don't go together in my mind, tastewise. I thought I should try them, though, in my mouth, and the thing is, the coldness of the apple—presuming that the ::waves:: antioxidants are in the raw peel—sort of seizes the chocolate so the texture turns waxy in your mouth, not great, but then the chocolate warms and blends with the apple flavor and that is very good. So I tried a homemade nutella made with cocoa powder and coconut and that was really good, but see above about dirtying dishes. So then for a few weeks I was having sort of a gradient of black tea, dark chocolate, almonds, and apple as an afternoon snack, and then I pretty much dropped the apple because black tea has antioxidants/flavonoids/ quercetin, actually, and also apples are not really in season. Now and again I've been eating grapes, which I think also contain quercetin. So that's where I am with that.

5. Salmon and broccoli

Well, I'm not making salmon and broccoli for dinner every night of the week. I'm shooting for once a week. Recipe TK.

6. Greek yogurt and banana

I do really like greek yogurt and banana together; but I figured out how I feel about bananas, bananas are like kids. I really like bananas, like I like people to bring me bananas. But I don't want to keep bananas in my house, because I don't pay attention to them and they go bad. I posted this as my facebook status so everybody could be informed, and Tori said, no worries, just freeze them when they get brown and use them in smoothies! But I'm sad to say even that is too much work for me. Which is how you really know I should not have kids.

If what we're talking about is glucose and amino acids for muscle recovery, greek yogurt and any fruit will do the trick, and by any fruit I mean any frozen fruit that you can throw into the freezer and the only thing you have to do is open the bag and then throw away the bag when it's empty. I have a super simple smoothie recipe for summer with chia seeds, so my omega-3s are still covered if I don't get my salmon in.

Let's see, that leaves salads with healthy fat, that's a no-brainer, just a little vinaigrette covers that; iron-rich grains and vitamin C, which is the iron/vitamin C combo again, and meh, I don't eat a lot of grains; peanut butter, dark chocolate, and milk, meh, I don't drink milk; and vegetables and water, duh, that gets covered breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It's sort of a rule now that I drink water with my meals; I can drink other things with meals like coffee or tea, as long as I drink all my water.