Tuesday, August 27, 2013

My Friend Who Does Drag Once Said To Me, Honey, I Am A Retail Queen
 which I apply to a lot, including this

p: i have to tell you something else.

m: okay.

p: i'm reading this article about feta cheese.

p: it says that feta is one of the easiest to make cheeses.

m: yay.

p: here is the recipe:

p: one gallon goat milk

m: ...

m: we can get that at the goat milk store.

p: one eighth teaspoon lipase powder

m: what?

p: lipase. powder.

m: ...

p: L-I-P-A-S-E

p: one quarter teaspoon direct-set mesophilic starter

m: i'll get that at the 7-11.

p: one quarter teaspoon liquid calcium chloride

p: one half teaspoon liquid rennet

p: and a bunch of kosher salt

p: we have that.

m: how did cheese ever get invented if this is one of the easiest?

m: it really makes you appreciate the ancient greeks.