Wednesday, January 20, 2010

How It's Going sunrises to supersets

Then last week, I couldn't face sunrises for another morning. It makes sense, I'd been doing them for about six weeks; six weeks is a good length of time for any program. So I'm switching out sunrises for supersets, which we did last week at strength circuit. A superset is when two exercises are performed back to back with no break, and it's to build muscle faster. Pom is building me an upper body, the better to take blocks with. More TK!

Also last week, at the company dinner, we all goaded each other into a year-long pushup competition. I told you I liked the people I work with. Travis's goal is to do 25,000 pushups this year and my goal is to beat Travis, so I thought I should do 150 pushups every other day; but then we both went nuts and are refusing to back down, it's like the cuban missile crisis of pushup contests...