Monday, January 25, 2010

Poppy Munt and the Half-Baked Horcruxes

Lord have mercy, I got started rereading Harry Potter about two weeks ago & the first three books are like they're always eating delicious, delicious food, and what do you know, reading is like an escape into another world, a world FULL OF MAGIC & you know how Buffy isn't about surviving vampires, it's about surviving high school (some say), Harry Potter isn't about discovering that you have magical abilities, it's about discovering that you have any abilities & that is straight up magical, but then it turns at the fourth book, and then the last three books are like horcruxes for the love of Peter Pettigrew, I mean, I know that structurally it makes sense, it's The Big Gloom, and I'm not actually saying this to be critical about the Harry Potter books, not that something critical can't be said about the Harry Potter books, but I'm just talking about what it feels like to read. All I'm saying is, I felt those first three books and felt good & also the fourth book, is actually my favorite. And for the last three books, I felt bad. And they're long, too!

So it was sort of like a psychological experiment where you artifically make yourself feel bad for a week and see if it affects you, which it does me. As in, it slightly took away my will to live; I don't mean I was suicidal, I just didn't want to do anything that didn't involve lying on the chaise.

Be specific, Munt! Be precise! Did you really only lie on the chaise for a week? No, I did supersets and substitutes. I went to work. I taught the derby lite park district ladies. I went to rioters practice, and speed and circuit. I did eight hundred and sixty pushups.

But besides that!

I haven't been doing morning pages that are worth anything, I mean not worth anything to me. Morning pages aren't supposed to be worth anything to anybody else. What are they worth to me, though, that might be an interesting question. Probably only interesting to me. I've been keeping up with bills, but not reviewing and planning & not with my weekly log, which you may not know about. I keep a weekly log, imagine that.

I haven't been thinking, is what. I would say that I haven't had time to think, but I did. It's just that I filled it up with Harry Potter.

So I got on the bus for the first time in two weeks with nothing to read, and you know, I'm not saying that it's bad to read. It was nice to look forward to getting on the bus and being in that other world. But when your life is jam packed, it's also nice to leave some empty spaces—