Friday, April 10, 2009

Work/Play: Misery

So I got sent home early from work, because it's Good Friday. Why am I not happy? I mean, I had work to do. But I mean, I have work to do at home that I'm always thinking about at work; but when I got home, I felt too tired to get it started. I've basically been lying upside-down on the chaise lounge, being miserable. I hate myself. Most of all, I hate the thought that I'm a person who's at a total loss for what to do with unexpected free time.

"But what if," I say, still upside-down, "you're never miserable, because you never have time to be miserable. Because you always have work to do, or because you're busy having fun. So when all of a sudden you have some free time on your hands, it's like a luxury to be miserable." I imagine my misery being untied and unrolling like a roll of velvet, for miles—