Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Dept. of Invention

I've been hungry because I switched from Oatmeal and Fruit Bits to Yogurt and Blueberry Compote for breakfast. And no wonder, oatmeal is more than a hundred calories more than yogurt. By the way, I'm adding calories to all my recipes! (ETA: I mean, calorie counts. Not extra calories.) So I've been following the yogurt with impromptu items like (stolen) cinnamon raisin bagel or frutecake or sourdough nibblers, not that it doesn't take a certain amount of premeditation to pack 80-proof frutecake for work. No, it was fine; it had mellowed. But still, cake for breakfast.

Anyway I do this thing all the time where, like, I get sick of doing dishes day in and day out —not that I do dishes day in and day out, my pit crew does most of the dishes during the week— and I'll start to rant that there needs to be a PLACE where you can GO OUT and eat, like in a separate room from the kitchen, and they BRING YOU FOOD and then CLEAR THE DISHES until I realize or my pit crew gently returns me to the reality that I've just invented the "restaurant."

Just because somebody thought of it already doesn't mean it isn't a good idea!

But anyway, I was thinking that I needed a nutritious breakfast cookie to eat with my yogurt to make up the hundred calories & was busily researching this on the internet, but nothing satisfied. I didn't want a cookie, per se. Something smaller, something crunchier. Small, crunchy nuggets. Like, you might eat them from a bowl. With a spoon! You know, like "cereal."

I will be having cereal trials in the near future.