Thursday, September 25, 2014

State of the Break
 fall 2014

belly rubs

Well, there's break and there's break!

There's blog break that I'm just coming off of and that this post is supposed to be about, what I did on my blog break. Well I'll tell you what I did, I took a break from feeling like I always had to write something for the blog. Because I'd already been taking a break from actually always writing something for the blog, so I didn't need a break from that. Lots of times what you need a break from is your feelings. Actually a major thing that I've been doing is adopting some bullet journal stuff into my own journal and notebook practices, and the upshot of that is, I have a pretty big idea forming about how I want to write the blog in 2015, so stay tuned for that if you want. Actually haha, I guess the main thing I've been doing on blog break is writing.

Then there's derby break that just started this week, Second Wind season is finished! A month early, actually. But that works out, I will have six weeks off (!) until home season starts up. This is my first free and clear break since I started derby in 2009, I've either made travel teams and been practicing with them through summer or not made travel teams and been trying to keep up with them on my own—there's those feelings again. So this is my first break ever from my feelings about derby; or in other words, I feel good enough about derby to leave it alone for a while.

There's something in that, you know? That's kind of how it is with me and the sweetie man, we're not all up in each other's business all the time. I don't think we actually spend a lot of time together, apart from sleeping. Which is some of my favorite time and maybe that's why, but we do have a good relationship and it's very 38 Special, you know, hold on loosely but don't let go and all that. I think that might be a good relationship to have with derby, too. Actually, also with blogging.

That said, I'm happily vegetating this week and then I start some aggressive cross-training next week. I'm super stoked, it includes strength and interval training, housecleaning, bodywork, deskwork or "ad hoc time" as Dawn says it's called in software testing, and couch time including watching foooootball—this is a whole other story that I hope to write up in that aforementioned ad hoc time, we'll see how that works out.