Sunday, September 7, 2014

Early Fall Sunday Cooking Practice

I'm keeping hard boiled eggs and melon for breakfast for another month, so Sunday starts the same, wake up usually by eight, get coffee in bed—oh wait, look!

otter mug

EEEEE, it's an otter with a fish. Birthday present from Biggie!

...where was I, do words and email clients, get up and tidy the bedroom, tidy the kitchen, boil eggs for the week, and whack whack whack cut up the week's watermelon, put three-quarters in three jars, plate the last quarter, the timer goes off for the eggs, run cold water over them and peel two for my plate. Take my plate to the couch for breakfast.

Eventually get up and put the rest of the eggs into a carton to bring to work and then I was supposed to set about making baked chicken and roasted vegetables, but I guess we're going to get all of our summer in September! I almost gave me and the sweetie man heat stroke from having the oven on. I switched things around on the ultimate food chart, I can use the oven and heat up the apartment in winter how about. I don't know why I didn't think before to use the slow cooker for fall—so slow chicken will be happening instead. Really a better rule of thumb is lingering heat in fall, and lingering cold in spring.