Thursday, September 25, 2014

Ad Hoc!
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Which I keep singing to the tune of this:

Home, hungry, very tired. I don't have greens made for dinner, and making them now is beyond me. The easiest and tastiest vegetable to make in this case is coco broccoli or cauliflower: heat a spoonful of coconut oil in a saute pan over high heat until it melts, open and empty a bag of frozen broccoli this time into the pan, stir it a bit to coat, sprinkle with a pinch of kosher salt and a pinch of red pepper flakes, cover and let cook for five minutes, uncover and give it a stir still over high heat to dry it out, done. I've been drinking butter coffee after breakfast and haven't been hungry for lunch, but now I think I could deal with some slow chicken. I heat up a jar and a bit of that in the microwave and spoon half of it over half the broccoli, and the other half over the other half of the broccoli for the sweetie man. It's really, really good.

I am tired. I feel like Captain Holly says after he gets back from Efrafra, "as dry and empty as an autumn puffball—I feel as though the wind could blow my fur away." I always feel this tired after work, but I always gird up my loins and go to practice at some point in the evening. I have a second wind coming, I know that.


// wash gear
\\ clean bearings
\\ change wheels

Data points: washing gear takes about 45 minutes, cleaning bearings takes about 30 minutes, changing wheels takes about 45 minutes, with some overlap between washing gear and cleaning bearings. See this is why this never gets done, actually I already took off the wheels and took out the bearings the other night and according to timetracker that took an hour, though that seems longer than it should. Still it's a significant project, I'd had it in my head to change my wheels and even brought the extra set of wheels to clinic like I'd be able to get it done in fifteen minutes. I try to be sparing with advice, but here's some: don't ever plan to change your wheels before practice, god it's so stressful and unsurprisingly because I'm rushing to get something done in fifteen minutes that maybe actually takes two hours. I mean, that's counting cleaning the bearings; but if I'm going to the trouble to take them all out, I might as well clean them while they're out.

Boy mine needed it, too. I don't think I've even taken them out let alone cleaned them maybe since ::meep:: May? I used to be so much better about this. One of my bearings popped out in a little poof of rust; it still spins fine, though. Just the casing got rusted somehow, I don't know. One of them, though, was pretty much seized; it's better after cleaning, but not as good as the others. I wonder if it's time for new bearings. These are the ones I've had from the very beginning, you know, so like 2007.

Also haha I do believe the acetone is slowly eating away at my bearing washer bottles, I don't remember them being hourglass-shaped before...