Saturday, September 6, 2014

Early Fall Saturday Cooking Practice

So Saturdays have changed yet again, but not so much in the cooking aspect. I sleep in a bit and when I wake up I do words, tidy the bedroom, and tidy the kitchen. Then, I'm still sticking with scrambling eggs and grabbing a melon jar out of fridge for breakfast. I pretty much have just enough time to wash up and bike over to Vie, or I guess now it's called Goose Island Crossfit, to train Travis at noon. Both Nora and Travis are training deadlifts, so it's actually a bit of work for me setting up their weights. I mean, not as much work as they're doing; they're both prodigiously strong. Then well, Binny's is right by Vie/GIC... sooo I swing by Binny's and look at the pretty bottles...

snaggle tooth

Eeeee, for coffee ice cream! I'm going to get chocolate liqueur for chocolate ice cream, and maybe Midori for green tea ice cream? Sooo many ice creams.

I mean, I can't be buying a bottle of liqueur every week. Sometimes I go to Trader Joe's for more microwaveable rice, I have another month of that too. Actually a huge plus about having a Saturday morning client is that it gets me out of the house and once I've achieved escape velocity, I can get errands done.

Then I bike home and fix myself a bowl of peaches and koldskal. Koldskal is good with other fruits, like cherries and strawberries, all berries, but peaches keep best so that's what I keep in the fridge.

Ideally after lunch I get to sit down to some desk work, including updating my flickr links and setting up my appointments for the week; but more importantly, I should get to write or study. Or I run around to meet with coaches committee and get my hair cut... but anyway same cooking practice, just different other stuff.