Thursday, July 3, 2014

Summer Food Chart

Black coffee in bed.
Hard-boiled eggs with melon for work breakfasts.
Scrambled eggs with avocado tomato salsa at home.
Chicken jars for work lunches.
Peaches and koldskal at home.
Tea and peach for afternoon snack, optional.
Ground meat, greens, and rice for pre-workout dinner.
Taco Burrito Express, we meet again.
Beetlejuice for pre-workout drink.
Cococherry2O for workout drink.
Fruit, nut butter, and yogurt smoothies for post-workout snack.
Tart cherry soda and coco popcorn for Friday evening snack.

Summertiiiiime and the living is easy...

Just to keep myself from burning out on hard-boiled eggs, I make scrambled eggs for home breakfasts with avocado tomato salsa, that was good and easy to whip up.

And I save chicken jars on avocado and tomato for work lunches. Also honestly I sleep in too late on my home days to fit in all my meals, so for home lunches I just have peaches and koldskal. Or a smoothie, six of one, half dozen of the other.

I guess strawberries are done, peaches are amaaazing now. I don't think I eat all this much fruit, though. Either I eat chicken for lunch and I'm good until dinner, or I eat some form of fruit and yogurt for lunch and go straight to meat, greens, and rice for dinner.

Whaaat. I like Taco Burrito Express.

If I had a smoothie for lunch, I have koldskal for my post-workout snack. So good.

Ultimate food chart! Always tweaking...
Summer food planner for the extremely detail-oriented.