Friday, June 27, 2014

Egressions #156-159

156. KOLDSKAL! Via Danish Baking Adventures.
157. World's easiest peanut butter cookies? Via Babyccino Kids.
158. Or these? Via FitSugar.
159. I don't even like raspberries, but. Via Food52.

Koldskål is my new obsession, I make it with buttermilk, greek yogurt, egg yolks, a little bit of sugar, vanilla, and I forgot the lemon. Next time with lemon! You're supposed to eat it with cookies, but I eat it with peaches which are perfectly in season right now. Peaches and koldskål, so lush and good, and actually kind of good for you. Because of the cultures. But maybe I want to bake some little cookies, too.