Thursday, June 12, 2014

Late Spring Food Chart

Black coffee in bed.
Hard-boiled eggs with avocado and tomato for breakfast.
Chicken stew for lunch.
Tea and cuties for afternoon snack.
Ground meat, greens, and quinoa for pre-workout dinner.
Honestly what's for Friday dinner.
Beetlejuice for pre-workout drink.
Cococherry2O for workout drink.
Fruit, nut butter, and yogurt smoothies for post-workout snack.
Tart cherry soda and coco popcorn for Friday evening snack.

Gah, I jinxed myself saying that I could keep up with food charts at a minimum. I think, I theeeeenk now things start to calm down and I can keep up from now on.

Also, heads up, I'm about to do a great vowel shift and start publishing my food charts as they happen, instead of being a month behind. E.g., this late spring food chart was actually May's chart. Next week I'm going to post the early summer food chart, which is actually June's chart and happening now.

I think I have to give up on apple cider vinegar for my morning drink, it's too acidic on an empty stomach for me. Starting the day with black coffee doesn't exactly have the healthful aura of green tea or hot water with lemon, but it so grounds me. Ha ha grounds, that was not on purpose. Also I just read a study that coffee isn't as dehydrating as people think, in normal quantities. Lastly, in winter, all I want is coffee with milk, and in summer I suddenly don't want milk. And cold, too; so that's how it is.

Breakfast-wise, I'm transitioning from egg bites to hard boiled eggs but hanging onto avocado and tomato for another month.

Still hanging onto chicken stew for lunch, this was my favorite spring item.

Eurrr cuties were definitely at the end of their season.

Also hanging onto my quinoa bowls, this was my first year of that and it's a winner for sure.

Same workout drinks, perennial.

Peanut butter dates really didn't work for me this season or last, idk why, I loved them last year. I took the opportunity to jump into smoothies and I have a new simplified smoothie recipe TK.

And I did drop alcoholic drinks for my food chart; that doesn't mean I'm not going to drink them, just not regularly. Also well I still have mulled wine down for fall and winter, so it's going to be that and tart cherry soda for spring and summer sort of. Ish.

Ultimate food chart! Always tweaking...
Late spring food planner for the extremely detail-oriented.