Thursday, July 31, 2014

State of the Biz
 summer 2014

So I've been at VIE Custom Fitness since mid-April, and now they have been sold to a CrossFit consortium, by which I mean, three guys who do Crossfit. They say they're going to let the private trainers stay in their CrossFit empire, so we shall see. I like CrossFit and if I don't get kicked out, I'm looking forward to having access to more crossfitty equipment like plyo boxes and stuff like that. So far, no changes except my clients had to sign new waivers.

Right now I have three solid clients, all on Tuesday night. Which I love! Whom I love! Kris and I run at six from my house to the Puerto Rican flag on Division past Western and back, which is 5K, then I bike to Vie and torture Travis with tabata at 7:30 and then Nora picks up all the heavy things at 8:30.

Step one was supposed to be shoring up my four clients. How it's turned out is, I shored up three of them and picked up Thursday at the office. Not just for Thursday's sake, I have a huge project that I'm trying to get done in, say, the next twelve weeks? I really enjoy it, it's math, and I get to wear jeans and nobody talks to me because they don't know I'm there on Thursday, doing my math.

So, that's where I'm at.

I think a big thing is, there's no way that my life is supposed to be, or go, I don't have to push forward to be a fulltime trainer and I don't have to go back to be a fulltime administrator. I'm lucky that I can balance in the middle, wherever it works for me at the moment.

And also, derby. I've been having a pretty great Second Wind season, there's also no way that derby is supposed to be or go. I don't have to keep going until I achieve some gold standard, and I don't have to give up because I'm not gold material or because time's out. I can be whatever I am for as long as I want; honestly I feel like I'm turning silvery, and having fun with that. I don't have to give up derby because of something I'm supposed to achieve as a trainer. Or you know, as an adult. I am an adult, this is how I'm doing it—


And my little blog, too! It doesn't have to make money, it doesn't have to get a lot of hits, there's no such thing as "missing" a post, I post when I post, it is what it is, it does what I need it to do.

Via Heal Yourself, Skeletor, my favorite self-help tumblr on the internet.