Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Bloc Toe Stop

bloc toe stops

I was perfectly happy with my bounce toe stops and am never very inclined to fix what ain't broke, but then they broke? Sort of? So that gave me a little push to swap in these blocs.

WHICH I LOVE. Oh, how I love them. They just feel right; but if you pressed me for specifics, I would say that they're this giant launching pad to ...erm, launch forward, and also for tiptoeing through the tulips, and you know that by tulips I mean really nice girls who are trying to kill you. Ermahgerd I was jamming and Bork was in the pack, all you want out of life when Bork is in the pack is to get the hell out of there, two inches opened up on the line and idk it felt like a spacecraft putting down landing gear. I mean, I know nothing about a spacecraft's landing gear. But I'm thinking like big feet, zero gravity, one giant step for mankind. You know?

Full disclosure: I was so excited that I got out that I immediately tripped on my own foot and fell down. But then the jam ended, and I lived to write this post.