Monday, April 7, 2014

How to Clean Bathroom Mold

how to clean bathtub grout

So listen, my bathtub was like this when I moved in ::cough:: eight years ago, in fact the girl I was subletting from told me that the tub had been caulked improperly making this mold impossible to remove, and well, here's the not so savory part of me, I'm not that squicked about sharing my living space with some life forms and the apartment was otherwise perfect, and I and later the sweetie man have been very happy here. And I'm not saying that I haven't done more than a few energetic bouts with the mold; but to no avail, so it seemed I had been told the truth.

BUT THEN Biggie told me she had read this and you know she's a hairdresser, so she could get me some of that salon coil for a couple of bucks at Sally Beauty Supply. It's cotton, you know, like cotton ball except it's more like cotton yarn.

All you do is put some bleach in a small bowl, cut a piece of coil, let it soak up some bleach, and lay it down over the caulk. I did wear latex gloves, I have a box from when I was dying my one orange streak of hair. And I poked the cotton a bit with a chopstick to get it all up close and personal with the caulk.

You know how things can be disappointing? I thought I'd have to leave this on for hours upon hours and check back only to find some stubborn mold giving me the finger.

BUT NO, I idly checked it after a couple hours and the mold was gone. Or well I guess it's still there, it's just sparkling white now.

Ermahgerrrrrd, this is going to be life-changing. I can't wait to do the rest of the tub, I'm sorry to say but not being able to get rid of that mold wore me down about keeping the rest of the shower tile perfectly clean. I mean, why botherrr. Imma clean it all up now! I can use my tub as a tub now! It's just not relaxing to take a bath surrounded by a ring of mold, you know? I can make fancy bath salts! Eeeee!