Thursday, April 3, 2014

Early Spring Food Chart

Green tea with almond milk, most mornings in bed.
Egg bites for breakfast.
Switching to chicken stew for lunch.
Black tea and cuties for afternoon snack.
Slow meat, greens, and mashed potato for pre-workout dinner.
Fish soup for Friday night.
Cococherry2O for workout drink.
Egg mochi oatmeal for post-workout snack.
Buttered rum and coco popcorn for Friday evening snack.

Spring is being pulled kicking and screaming feet first into this world, sheesh.

For these between charts, I get to spring forward to the next season's and fall back on the last season's food if I want. Like last month I got a little jump on egg bites, and this month I'm hanging on to slow meat and mashed potatoes, mochi oatmeal, and buttered rum.

I'm getting started with chicken stews, though. I think I like my chicken stews just a little bit more than my slow chickens, boy some of these—the companion stew, and the shepherd stew even though I don't have preserved lemon this year—are real good.

For afternoon snacks it seems like cuties a.k.a. haloes are done, and now Jewel has cara cara oranges. The power orange! Uh, okay.

I have been super creative with fish soups! So far I have a chowder, a gumbo, and a curry, and I made a fish pie with a cauliflower mash crust. I was a skeptic about cauliflower rice and mash, but it's freaky. I am going to give cauliflower pizza crust a try, stay tuned.

Ultimate food chart! Always tweaking...
Early spring food planner for the extremely detail-oriented.