Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Early Spring Cooking Practice
 egg bites or chicken stew

Eurrr idk if I like cooking in the afternoon, I know why I decided to try it this way, because I need a fresh mind for desk work, most particularly for paying bills so I don't screw it up, but paying bills is only once a month, maybe the rest of the month I can do my cooking in the morning. The thing about cooking is, once you start you have to see it through to the end. I mean right, not like studying or writing, you can always put a pin in that for later. So with cooking in the afternoon there's this anxious eyeballing the clock if you got a late start, which is like always, I'm always sleeping in Tuesday and Thursday these days, and lately I'm always bargaining between which comes first, egg bites or chicken stew, and by comes first I don't mean which one I do first and which one I do second, I actually mean which one I do and which one I don't. I just I always have to say comes first when I say chicken and egg in the same sentence, I know you understand.

So anyway truth be told, I hardly ever get both egg bites and chicken stew done in the same practice. It's almost always one or the other. Same old good old egg bites here. I guess chicken stew is a little more involved than slow chicken and that pushes doing both just past the point where my reach exceeds my grasp. Chicken stew is very good, though. I'm just cooking from the recipes that I developed last year and enjoying them a lot.

It still works out because egg bites makes eight servings, which is more than a week's worth. And chicken stew makes four or five servings and I really only need three per week, because I pretty much skip Tuesday and Thursday lunches because of the aforementioned sleeping in and then having to rush out at five or five-thirty for my evening work, and I eat other things for Saturday and Sunday lunches. So I can roll with what I'm making from week to week, and not run out of food.